Available for Publication, Licensing and Purchase

All Images are available for publication, licensing and print orders.

***Please contact me for all other print orders, custom sizes, limited editions, and signed prints.

Print Orders


I have two print editions: collectors and open editions.

Collector Edition
The collector's editions are limited, numbered, signed, and printed to exhibition standard. I use Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag, which is one of the best fine art papers, and I use Inkjet Premium inks.

11*14--- Limited Edition: 100/$450
12*16---Limited Edition: 75/$750
20*16--- Limited Edition: 50/$1500
20*24---Limited Edition: 50/$2000

*** 100/$450 means the edition is limited to 100 prints at that size; once the limit is reached, no other prints will be released.

Open Editions 
Open editions are not limited and are offered with a choice of papers. Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper and  Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag which is the same paper as the collectors edition . Both are of very high quality and custom-printed to exhibition standards. Just add a $100 for a Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag print.

***Just add $100 for a higher-quality print on Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag paper.

11*14--- Open Edition: 75 / $199
12*16---Open Edition: 75 / $299
20*16---OpenEdition: 50/$450
20*24-- Open  Edition:50/$650

Please contact me with any questions.


Shipping is approximately $60 outside of the USA and $30 domestically. It will take about five days to create the print, and it usually takes about 10 days to arrive by mail outside of the USA and 5 days domestically.

***Please contact me for all print orders, custom sizes, limited editions, and signed prints.


Breakfast in Bed?

With Setting Sons

Peggy Steevensz, a Californian multimedia artist, has created a set of limited edition, custom wood and lucite trays featuring my punk images. Peggy started things off with a bang by taking my album cover for The Jam's Setting Sons, featuring that iconic Bulldog on Brighton Beach, and printing it onto not one, but TWO tones maple and walnut wood. And if that wasn't enough, she threw in some snazzy red and brown leather and steel handles to really make it pop! These trays are the definition of exquisite - Peggy didn't cut any corners when it came to detail and quality. Talk about the WOW factor! And next up is the CLASH...

Jam is served

Talk about a match made in Jam heaven! Peggy Steevensz's custom wood and lucite trays featuring my punk images are the real deal. These trays aren't just exquisite, they're also functional - perfect for serving up snacks or displaying your favorite punk memorabilia.

This Tray is 24"*12*2 inches. The sides are maple and walnut, with brown leather handles. Sure they are expensive but this a combination of art and craftsmanship and they are limited to  only an edition of 35! 


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